Boring builds things

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We all want quick results in everything we do.

  1. We invest in crypto, hoping we will get as lucky as some people have in the past.*

2. We buy “get fit in 30-days” -plans.

3. We buy software to take care of our business.

*Nothing against crypto. I don’t have enough knowledge to judge it in any way, but I keep seeing young people putting all their money into crypto expecting a 200% return in a short period of time.

Nothing against any of these examples, they might work for some people. But to guarantee results, you need to take a different approach. You need to be boring.

  1. First, don’t expect quick results. The stock market has returned an average of 10% per year over the past 50 years. I’m not giving you investing advice, meaning I’m not saying you should just invest in the stock market. The example is to show you where your mindset should be. Expectations should be around 10% instead of 100% return, even though we’re trying to maximize that number. That makes us invest regularly for a long time. Boring.
    The only investing advice I will give is to invest in yourself. Whether that is books, courses, software, or your business — it doesn’t matter. That’s the only investment you can control the results in. The only thing is that it requires you to put in the effort. Boring.
  2. Again, don’t expect quick results. Sure, you can lose some weight in 30 days. But life continues after those 30 days. You want to stay consistent, and healthy. Think long-term. Make smaller changes, and stick to them for the rest of your life. Your days might look similar because you need structure to stay consistent. You might eat the same food more than once a week. Boring.
  3. I work with an all-in-one platform that consists of e.g. CRM, marketing, sales, and CMS. I keep seeing companies purchasing this software (it’s not cheap) and thinking that just the software itself is enough. After a while, they complain that the software isn’t any good. They don’t realize that the software is just a tool to help them, by making it easier, better, and more scalable. They still need to keep putting in effort consistently over a long period of time. Boring.



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Andreas Westerlund

Andreas Westerlund

Endurance athlete, digital nomad, nerd. Just a normal guy trying to figure out fitness, business, and life.