Why you should do hybrid training

Andreas Westerlund
3 min readOct 29, 2022
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I love all types of training and sports. If I had more time, I would get into even more sports. Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten deeper into the different “levels” of training and how different things affect different areas when it comes to training. Let me explain.

The definition of hybrid training

The most simple explanation or example, of hybrid training, would be combining strength training with any aerobic exercise, like running. Being strong or having big muscles, as well as having a great cardiovascular system. This doesn’t really make as much sense for people competing in strength/physique or e.g. marathon/triathlon events, as the one genre takes away from the other one — but for someone like me, that exercise to feel good and stay healthy, it’s perfect. I love the idea of being able to lift heavy in the gym, as well as running a marathon. Because my opinion doesn’t matter, let’s go through some benefits training this way.

The health benefits

Let’s keep it simple and continue with strength training and running (aerobic exercise) as our examples. Why should you do them?

Strength training

If you want to lose weight, strength training is great because it burns calories in a “different” way than e.g. walking and running. In short, it increases the resting metabolism, the rate you’re burning calories when you’re not exercising.

That doesn’t convince a lot of people, so let’s look at some other things that affect us all. Aging. There are especially a few things that strength training is great for: muscles, bone density, joints, balance, coordination, and posture. All those get worse as we get older. By regularly doing some strength training, we can avoid walking with some kind of walking assistant device “20 years too early”.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise, mostly known as “cardio”, is any activity that gets your blood pumping. This could be: walking, running, cycling, or swimming. As with strength training, this is a great way to lose weight — but that’s not for everyone, so let’s get to the things that should interest everyone.

  • It strengthens your heart and pumps…
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